Your membership makes possible the activities of a growing international organization that is advancing and advocating — on your behalf — for a strong free press, and for your right to trustworthy news and information. 

No matter who you are, you’re one of us.  Our members represent the entire news ecosystem, from consumers to producers. All member categories receive excellent benefits and valuable services, educational and networking opportunities and career services.



Journalist Member

Journalist membership in the Fourth Estate is open to: reporters, editors, writers, publishers; editorial and news cartoonists or artists; photojournalists or videographers; producers, presidents or general managers; librarians, or other editorial employees of a news organization that exists primarily for the dissemination of the news.

Annual Dues: $35-$95 variable (see below)


Educator Member

Educator membership in the Fourth Estate is open to individuals employed by a high school, college or university, and involved in instructing and advising on news and/or journalism for your institution’s curriculum, i.e. teachers, professors, deans, teaching assistants.

Dues: $35-$95 variable (see below)


Student Member

Student membership in the Fourth Estate is open to individuals who are enrolled full-time in undergraduate or graduate journalism programs; or work at on campus publications, broadcast outlets or news internet sites; or who otherwise intern or work part-time for qualified news outlets.

Dues: $10-$25 variable (see below)

Note: Currently enrolled students using an .edu email address are eligible for complimentary digital membership.


Advocate (Consumer) Member

Journalism advocate membership in the Fourth Estate is open to individuals who are consumers of news and journalism and are not eligible for any other membership category.

Dues: $5-$50 variable (see below) 

Honorary Member

Honorary member in the Fourth Estate must be conferred for life upon the recommendation and action by the Fourth Estate Board of Directors or World Council.

Annual Dues: Conferred for life


About variable dues:

Fourth Estate's membership dues and fees are based on the members' country of residence. Renewal dues are automatically calculated based on country of residence and are paid in United States currency.

Dues are based on the World Bank's “fair pricing” policy for every country around the world. 




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